• We offer a comprehensive service in preparing material and galvanic coatings.

    • sand-blasting, glass-grit blasting
    • tin-smithing, welding
    • filling
    • grinding, polishing
    • galvanic coatings: copper, nickel, chrome, zinc

    We supply services to individuals, businesses and the industry. We provide services in galvanic coating of steel elements, non-ferrous metals, and ZnAl alloys.

    Because the term is often confused by our clients, it will be worthwhile explaining what ZnAl refurbishment is.
    ZnAl stands for an alloy of zinc and aluminium, which has been commonly used for making car and motorbike accessories.
    Owing to the alloy properties, ZnAL refurbishment is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, involving manual work at all stages. This accounts for individual treatment that we give to each element regarding its requirements.

    The collection procedure at our company:

    1. Elements for refurbishment are delivered by the Client in person or sent by the Client (dismantled to basic parts)
    2. We quote the price considering the surface, shape, damage, type of material, and other factors on a case-by-case basis.
    3. For cost evaluation we agree with a client on the works to be performed. Additionally, we take detailed photographs and open an order with the end date.
    4. Photographs are the basis for accepting and setting up the order for each client. Such documents are very important considering the variety of elements and number of simultaneously processed tasks. The order is sent to the warehouse, where it is analysed by our employees and then processed through respective stages of production, to finally reach the quality control department, where the elements are subject to checking, cleaning and packed.

    Our services come with 24-month guarantee.
    As confirmed by our clients’ testimonials, the fast and on-time service delivery and our competent specialised staff are our greatest asset. Every day they do their best meet to our clients’ expectations.